Manage money The smart way

Manage Money The Smart Way

Having a few cracks in your credit doesn’t mean it’s broken beyond repair. Credit card debt can pile up quick and it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed. All you need is a little help getting back on track—that’s where Nestig comes in.

We’re not your ordinary credit coach. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions or quick fixes today that will only add to your financial burden tomorrow. We look at everything in your nest so we can see the big picture and create a plan to put an end to the cycle of high interest debt. We’ll give you helpful, actionable advice so you can make smart decisions for your family and improve your financial health at the same time.

What Are You Struggling with Financially?

Here are some common reasons clients turn to us for help:

Overwhelmed by high-interest credit card debt

Need to consolidate multiple credit cards or loans

Need funds for self-employment

Job loss shortfall

Bank said no to a mortgage or loan application

Bad debt or credit and need to repair

The Bank Said No. Now What?
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Watch this quick video to see how we can help get you to a place where the bank says YES.

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Smarter Solutions

Your finances are unique to you, and that’s why our team of credit coaches take the time to understand your specific situation before we get crackin’ on creating the best plan for you.

A Plan for Today – and Tomorrow

Once we’ve taken a closer look at your credit report, we’ll hatch a detailed plan with manageable goals so you can start taking action today and start creating a better financial future for tomorrow.

Success Coaching

We know repaying your debt is hard work. That’s why you’ll have your very own Nestig Credit Coach—someone to answer your questions, be a financial mentor, and follow up to ensure you’re on track with your plan to rebuild your credit—then celebrate your successes with you.

You have options. Put our years of industry experience, expertise and partnerships to work for you.

Do what’s best for your nest and give us a call.

It's that easy.

Manage Money the Smart Way

1 Ready

  • Start with our simple application process
  • Connect with us to set up a free session to review and understand your financial reality

2 Set

  • We’ll pull your credit report to determine our starting point
  • Any financial concerns that have you scrambling will be identified
  • We’ll build an action plan that’s comfortable for you

3 Go

  • Together, we’ll get your plan rolling
  • If we think you’d benefit from more support, we’ll refer you to the best:
    • Mortgage lenders or brokers
    • Insurance brokers
    • Banks
    • Credit card companies and trustees, if needed
  • You’re never alone – we’ll help you improve your financial literacy and understand how to make your credit work for you so you can get where you want to go

Smart Eggs Manage Money The Nestig Way

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Coaching Makes All The Difference

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Rebuild your credit with the right plan and break the cycle of overwhelming debt once and for all.