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At Nestig, we believe there’s a better, smarter way to manage money.

The Nestig Story

We were hatched from the idea that you deserve a credit coach who genuinely cares about and is invested in you; someone who sees the bigger picture and where you fit in it. We’re all about helping you get back on solid ground today while helping you build a stable nest egg for tomorrow.

Our homegrown team is small but stacked, and we all share a singular focus to making your life better. We commit to gathering all the information we can about your current financial circumstances, then use our expertise and professional connections with brokers, trustees and creditors to offer you the smartest available solution, because we truly want to see you break the cycle of bad borrowing. And we’re in it with you for the long haul.

Imagine—no more scrambling to pay your bills each month, only to never get ahead. In less time than it takes to boil an egg, we can start the conversation that gets you rolling in the right direction. We’re excited for the opportunity to help.

The Nestig Solution:
Manage Money the Smart Way

Unbiased support, integrated solutions to rebuild credit, improvements to your financial literacy—these are all part of the Nestig Solution to help you break the cycle of unmanageable debt so you can finally get ahead. Our personalized solutions are designed with your long-term success in mind.

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Unbiased Support

Over our 20 years in the financial industry, we’ve developed lots of relationships with lots of great folks, but we don’t have any biases about who to get your mortgage with or where you should bank. You’re welcome to use our connections to open doors for you, but remember you’re always free to walk through whichever ones feel the best.

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Integrated credit solutions

Credit card companies want you to borrow money to improve their bottom line—we want you to make money decisions that improve yours. That starts with finding the solutions that address your current needs while helping you repair and rebuild your credit so that you have more—better—options for your future. It is possible to get out of the vicious cycle of high debt, high interest borrowing, and we can show you how.

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Improvements to your financial literacy

Managing your money isn’t always easy, and many of us weren’t taught how to do it well. That’s why we’re committed to providing advice and education as part of our credit coaching solution so that soon, you’ll feel in control and informed enough to make better financial decisions. But not to worry, we’ll always be available to help any time you need it.

The Home Nest

Steve Heimbecker
Steve Heimbecker
President & Chief Egg
Steve Heimbecker
President & Chief Egg

Strong relationships are integral to everything Nestig founder Steve Heimbecker does, which is why he’s been cultivating and nurturing the client-lender relationship with dedication and professionalism throughout his near-20-year career. And he’s loyal—not to one particular lender or institution, but to hunting down the best solution for you and your financial goals.

Specializing in mortgage renewals, purchases, refinancing, and low-interest second mortgages, Steve’s vision throughout your relationship is to strengthen your financial knowledge while helping you break free from the burdens of bad debt.

He’s won a few awards to back it up his credentials too, bringing home the 2013 CMP Award for Best New Brokerage in Canada (for Concierge Mortgage Group, of which Steve was founder and principal broker). Throughout his career, he’s also held top spots at Scotiabank and The Mortgage Centre, proving to be one of the highest producing brokers at each organization.

Steve’s celebrated experience in Canada’s financial lending industry, tireless work ethic, attention to detail, and strong relationship acumen are instrumental in making him one of southwestern Ontario’s most innovative and industrious business owners.

Rachel Squirrell
Financial Coach

Rachel brings an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration – Financial Planning to her role at Nestig, along with 11 years of experience as a Financial Advisor and Manager of Customer Experience at TD Bank. She enjoys using her personal combination of education and experience to offer our clients the support they need to truly break free from their struggle with credit, watching their financial confidence grow. Outside of business hours, Rachel invests her time in her boys and enjoys activities that offer her a little escape, from books to movies and theatre to travel.

Angela Bamberger
Client Relationship Manager

With a background in radio and television and over 14 years across various financial and insurance industries, Angela has what it takes to make a big difference for our clients. She is motivated by the positive changes she sees in the lives of our clients and values the opportunity to develop “eggscellent” relationships along the way. Local community is important for Angela and her two daughters, contributing their time to local events, library programs, and supporting live theatre.

Rebuild your credit with the right plan and break the cycle of overwhelming debt once and for all.