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Frequently Asked Questions:

Nestig isn’t like other alternative lending providers.

We simplify the criteria for a conventional bank mortgage to create an actionable plan for you to rebuild your credit to get you to a place where the bank says “Yes!”

The truth is that many private lenders will burden you with unreasonable fees. We won’t do that. Our approach is not applying a costly bandage, but a reasonable fix.

We adopt a hands-on approach with a focus on providing a high level of service to our clients, tailoring private mortgage solutions to meet each individual client's needs.

Finance your future and put your financial worries in the past.

Choose Nestig: The Smart Way to Borrow Money.

We sure do! We’re equally happy to work with those who have great credit scores as we are to help those with damaged credit. In all scenarios, we will search for the best option for you, whether it’s a mortgage with one of our trusted lenders or with Nestig directly.

Realistically, finances are something that shouldn’t be rushed. Part of our approach is making sure we put forward the best solution for our clients. Therefore, from our first contact until finishing the transaction by registering on title, we average approximately three weeks depending on the circumstances. This gives us adequate time for underwriting, document gathering, approval, legal registration, and discussion about your long-term game plan. After all, we want to put you in the best position right now while we plan for an even better future, which might include consolidation, refinancing, renewal, or investing.

Credit counseling and credit repair are the integral part of the service we offer. We can’t guarantee a timeline for your particular financial rehabilitation, as it will depend on the severity of your credit impairment (i.e. collections, late payments on credit cards, over-extension, or mortgage arrears). However, most of our clients see improvements to their credit in one to two years if they follow our recommendations and financial coaching. We’d love to discuss your specific circumstances and the timing to get your finances cleaned up and to get you on the right track.

I have no income?
Absolutely. Job loss, injury, or any circumstance that prevents you from earning is upsetting. At Nestig, we can absolutely assist you with a private lending option if you have equity in your home.

I have declared bankruptcy?
Yes. And you will not be fated to pay more in fees as a result — you will receive the same advice, service, and rates as our other clients. Unfortunately, we have found that many people opt for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal because they didn’t know that a private mortgage solution was an option. We urge you to talk to us first if you are considering a consumer proposal or a bankruptcy. We can provide you with a quote and a second opinion.

I am separated and/or divorcing?
This scenario is very common — we can absolutely assist you. A shift in family dynamic can be extremely difficult for a lot of reasons — addressing the financial aspects of new living arrangements and property ownership shouldn’t be one of those reasons. We work to provide mortgage solutions that allow for smooth transitions and simple completion of financial matters which crop up during separation or divorce, often without stringent criteria for qualification.

I owe money to the Canada Revenue Agency, or my business does?
Or course you can. Nestig has helped many self-employed clientele and commissioned or T4A individuals by providing alternative lending solutions to pay off amounts owing to CRA (HST, income tax, etc.), either personally or for their business.

Someone with good credit has many options available to them. After reviewing your credit, income, assets, and liabilities, we will provide intelligent solutions suited to your particular circumstance – no matter your credit score. It might mean determining what rates you qualify on a first mortgage or examining if a private lender might be able to offer something better for you, or another option altogether. Give us a call today – we’d be happy to canvass your options with you.

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